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MVT last touch

2008-07-22 18:03:57 by zacoranim8or

MVT (animation) NEWS

Mvt is the name of the animation and, no, it's not just a random jumble of letters and they do stand for something.
I will tell you what they stand for when I upload my animation about it.
Anywho I'm up to the last touch preaty much (lol that rymes).
I just need to add a loading screen a play button and a play again button ;).
So yes it shoul be fairly good and I'm praying that it wont get blammed or someone ripps it off before I post it etc. etc.

Well I've done a bit with my NG (Newgrounds) accout lately.
My new picture to the left is me just done in cartoon I actully think its cool, It took a hell of a long time to do though <(<_<)>.
Also my banner ^^^^^ "L I V E R O C K" it doesn't realy mean much except for the fact I like rock music and it looks cool :P.
There is one problem with me and NG at the moment but it has nothing to do with how NG is made its just that I lve one week with my mum and one week withmy dad and at dads we hav a filter and it doesn' like me on NG and my dad unboks it but I still cant watch my or the others videos.. :'(
Oh well thats about all thank you again for reading



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2008-08-17 00:23:38

your picture is pretty sweet :D