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2008-09-12 02:11:30 by zacoranim8or

Im back from my holiday in QLD n shit n shit
it was awesome I went to dream world wet n wild and sea world they were all good.
thats about all... cya ;P


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2008-09-12 05:43:04

when I went the I went to all the theme parks. Movie World is the best, it has the batwing, the scooby doo rollar coaster and my altime favourite, the superman escape. hope ya had fun :3


2008-11-12 05:18:20

Don't know where to post it...
Sorry for my review, didn't saw you where eleven. i know html since my 9th and flash since my 9th. im eleven now too. Try a tablet, works better for me..
Some tips: Try writing a good plotline: even with the crappiest artwork this will almost never been blammed.
Work on it before submitting, we got enough beta's here.
Only bad langauge doesn't make it funny already.
Make animations in one style. a great example of a style is the awesome collection. watch Metal gear awesome or awesome racer or something awesome to look.
And don't think everything will be alright in one day. you need time to make great animations.

I hope i've helped you!


2008-12-15 21:28:38

Lulz I live in QLD.


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