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Entry #5


2008-12-25 20:10:22 by zacoranim8or

OK, Hey guys.
firstly Merry christmas and a happy new year.
I'm realy happy with the presants I got they kickass.
I love the money!! (thanks guys)
and the Chocolates (Thanks again guys)
And the clothes (thanks santa :D)
And the almighty X-box 360 elite with online play assasains creed and halo three (thanks mum and ty)
And the kickarse awesome DRAWING TABLET!!! (thanks dad donna brad kayla and andrew)
The JB-HIFI Gift voucher with $35.00 (thanks antie bec and dale and tamasain.)
Thanks guys.
Merry christmas!!

the picture is something I did with my drawing tablet for my bros band ;) cyas



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